Ian Mitchell

Software Developer, Web Developer

Personal Profile

A software developer with an extensive background in web development. Efficient and maintainable code that is logical and well documented. Clear and concise technical and non-technical communication skills.

Work Experience


January 2015 - Present

Software Development Engineer. Redesigned and added dynamic personalized content to the homepage, created a mobile app upsell banner for iOS and Android, implemented a marketing tag management platform, and helped create sweepstakes code.

Using React and Redux to create a responsive platform for real-estate agents to customize their advertising.

Tapestry Solutions

January 2013 - May 2014

Part-time Software Engineer. Resolved bugs, wrote requirements, and designed and implemented new features for a variety of software applications.

Personal Projects



A Node.js chatbot for the Discord communication platform, Aquarius provides a framework for commands that can be customized on a per-server basis. Allows for automatic channel moderation and task automation.



A Ruby on Rails project that lists and tags notable locations in San Luis Obispo.Created during a 20 hour hackathon sponsored by Mindbody. Awarded First Place in User Experience.

Collaborative WebGL


A website built on Node.js that allowed clients to edit a WebGL scene in real time together with the use of web sockets.


California Polytechnic State University

Graduated in December 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science