Ian Mitchell

Software Developer, Web Developer

Personal Profile

A software developer with an extensive background in web development. Efficient and maintainable code that is logical and well documented. Clear and concise technical and non-technical communication skills.

Work Experience


January 2015 - Present

Software Development Engineer. Under the Advertising Team, using React and Redux to create a responsive platform for real-estate agents and sales representatives to manage agent advertisement spending by location, and wrote internal test metric and evaluation services using Python.

Under the Marketing Product Team, redesigned and added dynamic personalized content to the homepage, created a mobile app upsell banner for iOS and Android, and implemented a marketing tag management platform using Java and JavaScript.

Tapestry Solutions

January 2013 - May 2014

Part-time Software Engineer. Resolved bugs, wrote requirements, and designed and implemented new features for a variety of software applications.

Personal Projects



A Node.js chatbot for the Discord communication platform, Aquarius provides a framework for commands that can be customized on a per-server basis. Allows for automatic channel moderation and task automation.



A Node.js package that helps identify when a user is running bash through Windows. Used by the popular Next.js framework to instruct Webpack to use polling to detect file changes on Windows 10 machines.



A Ruby on Rails project that lists and tags notable locations in San Luis Obispo. Created during a 20 hour hackathon sponsored by Mindbody. Awarded First Place in User Experience.


California Polytechnic State University

Graduated in December 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science