I’m a software developer based out of Seattle, Washington. I focus primarily on full-stack web design, although from time to time I’ve done desktop application programming. You can find my Résumé here.

Professional Experience

Zillow, Jan 2015 - Present

Ads Team: I’m currently on Zillow’s Ads Team. I helped design, build, and iterate on a front-end React application that allows Real Estate agents to control their advertising on Zillow. I also worked on several python micro-services that support the client-side app.

Marketing Product Team: For my first year at Zillow I was an engineer on the Marketing Product Team. We had a bit of a unique place within Zillow; rather than serving one business team, we served several. During my time on this team I worked on managing content on the Homepage, creating a Mobile App Upsell Banner, testing and maintaining a Sweepstakes system, maintaining the Zillow CMS, creating a Tag Manager system, and redesigning the Homepage.

Tapestry Solutions, Jan 2013 - May 2014

During my final two years at Cal Poly I worked as a Part-Time Software Engineer at Tapestry Solutions. We worked on government contracts that usually focused on logistical software. I used ActionScript 3, Java, and C++ to create various mapping systems. I helped optimize these applications by utilizing a mix of sorting algorithms and data structures - in one specific case I took the search time for common street names down from over five hours to eight seconds, while also improving the accuracy of the results.

Personal Projects

Aquarius and ARX-7

Aquarius and its younger sibling ARX-7 were chatbots I developed for Discord and IRC respectively. These bots taught me a lot - most importantly, I learned how evil my friends are. Each time I release a new command my friends actively try to break it, forcing me to thoroughly think through edge cases and potential errors early on. I used both of these projects as a way to learn Node.js and how to construct a Framework / API.

Not everything I’ve done has worked well or stuck around, but the chatbots are a fantastic playground to try new things with. I frequently use them as a platform to learn about Node.js technologies I want to try out (such as blessed).

This site!

I periodically rewrite my website to try new technologies and learn about them. It’s evolved many times over the years - this site doesn’t sit still for very long. Its current iteration is based on Jekyll. I had been hearing a lot of good things about the static site generator and I knew that GitHub pages was based off the platform, so I figured why not take it for a spin? It would be less upkeep than a platform like Ghost (no security upgrades to stay on top of), more performant, and free if I used GitHub as a host. Sounded pretty enticing to me! I learned a lot about Jekyll and GitHub pages in the process.